20% For a Deposit on a Home? Piece of Cake!

September 28, 2022

20% For a Deposit on a Home? Piece of Cake!
In a world of Self Made and Entrepreneurship… How can we afford to live as well as save???
So, you thought of your BIG IDEA! You have put all of your time, energy, and trust into your business plan. Only problem? Most entrepreneurs don’t hit it BIG quickly. First, let’s make sure we are on the same page… what is “BIG”?! In this article we are defining it as “having enough money to sustain life expenses with extra to save, as well as a bit extra to splurge”… easy enough, right?
Florida was just listed as the most expensive state to live in, in 2022 according to a CBS article. With that information, and typically needing 20% down to secure a home, how can we live and save at the same time? This week, we have partnered with our friend Elyse Goldfarb at CrossCountry Mortgage to brainstorm some ways to save for a deposit. See our list below and please sound off in the comments if you have any other ideas!

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