Good Things Come to Those Who Wait?! Let’s Talk Home Buying…

September 21, 2022

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait?! Let’s Talk Home Buying…

A Balanced Market?!

Down here in South Florida we have heard all sorts of hearsay about the housing market. But something that you may not have heard is that it is…evening out? According to and analyst Jiayi Xu, “Our weekly data suggests that the U.S. housing market keeps progressing toward a more balanced market.” This is the first time in a while that the word balanced has been used in regards to the housing market. We went from a buyers market, to a sellers market, and now to a balanced market. When looking at houses all along the coast in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, etc. we are seeing prices leveling out and buyers are having the opportunity to make thoughtful decisions, again, when purchasing their homes as houses are staying on the market an average of four days longer at this point. This is up from during COVID19 and it was a sellers market. Houses were being purchased almost immediately after hitting the market!  Here is an example of the weekly housing market as articulated by
The downside to this balanced market? It is seeming that sellers have become more reluctant to list as they are waiting longer for their houses to sell. This could throw things off in terms of getting back to a balanced market. As Jiayi puts it – “This pullback from sellers could slow the speed at which the housing market rebalances,” says Xu. “Buyers looking for more bargaining power may need patience.” Patience may be necessary but at the same time, many people were forced to rent again when the selling prices were just too high and as this year comes to a close, hopefully they will be ready to buy now!

Bring on the Fall!

Let’s transition that South Florida beach-y decor to a warm fall vibe!
Here in South Florida it can be easy for it to be summer all year round, but who doesn’t love a cozy pumpkin fall set up?! Here are some easy ways to cozy up your apartment for the incoming spooky season without sweating your tail off!  Using your current throw pillows, whether they are bright, boho, or a deeper color… TJ Maxx has tons of fun skull or pumpkin printed throw blankets to toss over your couch to add a little bit of spook to your living room! If you don’t have anyone in your house that would be excited over a printed throw blanket, Target has glitter pumpkins and all of the fall scented candles you could imagine right now! By pairing some glitter pumpkins, a fall scented candle (don’t like pumpkin? Think warm vanilla or fresh baked cookies..) on a tray, add a loving picture… and viola! It may still be warm and humid outside, but in the fresh air conditioning of your home? A fall wonderland!

Last But Not Least… While We Have You…

We have to send a shout out to someone who made our latest meeting such a success!
If you have any photography needs, we need to shout out our girl Savannah! On Instagram you can find her at @Savannahmichellephotography. She is not only the warmest and kindest human, she TRULY cares for each photo she takes. From making the minor adjustments we would never naturally think of, to keeping us laughing the whole shoot which left us with pictures that show our true personality – her bright and lively edits to each photo feel like a breath of fresh air! We needed to show off her work below with our new team photo and tell you to hire her for all of your wedding, portrait, and headshot needs!

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