Why Eating Local in the Aftermath of COVID-19 ROCKS

January 13, 2023

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Why Eating Local in the Aftermath of COVID-19 ROCKS

When we think of dining out, we typically don't consider the impact of our decisions beyond the meal itself. However, there's so much more to consider when we make a decision to dine locally. Here in Delray Beach there are SO MANY delicious places to dine and we are appreciating them now more than ever! 

Every decision to dine at a local establishment is an investment in the local economy that isolates our communities from a potential aftermath created by COVID-19. Supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs helps to maintain the unique culture within a community. A recent report by Deloitte suggests that small businesses are essential for “economic mobility, job growth, and innovation.” On of our favorite local spots is Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar! With locations all throughout Florida, this is a place you and your family can not miss! See their Delray Beach menu HERE

Choosing to dine local supports the local businesses, the employees, and the neighborhoods. Most of the ingredients used at local eateries are sourced from farms and vendors in the community. Eating at local restaurants increases the amount of money that gets recycled within the local economy of a town or city.

Not only does it help to strengthen the infrastructure of a community, but it can also help to boost morale! There are many neighborhoods with restaurants known only by the locals that maybe someone visiting would miss. The more people eating there, the more that word can spread! 


While we are here - we couldn't let this post end without shouting out a few of our other favorites throughout Palm Beach County! 

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila WPB! Find them HERE 

Kapow Noodle Bar for some fun Asian fusion tacos! Menu is HERE

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